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COOKING CARE - How to Prepare Clay Pot before the First Use?

Here are a few basic guidelines that has to be followed for using clay pots to ensure best cooking experience and to get the best flavours from your food.

  • Season your pots – It's vital. Immerse your earthenware along with the lid in water for 24 hours. This strengthens the pot and prevents it from cracking.
  • Our cookware is safe for cooking directly over the gas stove. Always start on low heat and gradually increase to medium heat. All foods are cooked perfectly on medium heat in these pots. Clay pots take a little more time than metal utensils in heating up, but once the heat spreads evenly, the food is cooked in quick time.
  • Keep in mind the clay pot should be placed on a cloth pad or a coaster as soon as you take it off the gas stove after cooking. It should not be directly placed over a cold surface.

CLEANING - It is easy to clean!

  • Use hot water and gentle non-abrasive cleaning pad. Do not use metallic scrubbing pads.
  • To get rid of any food smell, add salt / baking soda in the hot water and clean the cookware.
  • Best to avoid harmful, toxic soaps to clean the cookware. Never soak clay utensils in detergent, this is because clayware may absorb detergent and this soaked detergent may mix with your food while cooking.
  • Store your pot only after it is thoroughly dried. Don't store in damp or closed areas. Store dried pots in ventilated areas.
  • Earthen Products are fragile like glass products, so handle it with care.